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Question to everyone: What was the last time you saw flower bees flying around? Or even see them at all? The last time I saw them was on December 2008. And Einstein said if the bee were to disappear, the world would exist for 4 more years.

It's over here:
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Dear Young and Upcoming Watchmen Fans!

It's clear that you've been scanning YouTube for Watchmen related videos! And it's clear that you've stumbled upon my upload of the Prisoners of Gravity episode Watchmen.

Allow me to welcome you to your brief stay over in the fandom. It's nice meeting you. There's a tray of cookies in the back and some pop in the fridge.

However, while during your stay, could we come to an understanding over some things?

- I don't CARE about your movie reviews. Really, I don't. If I wanted a movie review, I would actually go to a movie review site or ask a friend. Also, you missed the point of my comment, which I tried to keep spoiler free.
- Please stop fantasizing over Watchmen's creators in the comments. IT'S CREEPY. Also, please be noting that this footage is also almost twenty old.
- Also, don't start cranking at me about the age of the footage.
- Don't start bitching at me because you think that some of the details are wrong. First off, I DIDN'T MAKE THE VIDEO. I just uploaded. It's not like I can edit it to change the detail to what you want them to be. Second, honestly, is the idea that the characters are based on Charlton comic characters still a point of disagreement?

However, to the person who said he applauded the episode: I love you. You can stay.
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So, [livejournal.com profile] pyat and I went to get [livejournal.com profile] velvetpage some Get Well goodies (which hopefully didn't disappear over the afternoon), since she's still recovering from her surgery. This of course involves heading to the market and looking for whatever awesome stuff you can't easily find elsewhere. One of the oddities that we found is water chocolate.

Yes, WATER CHOCOLATE. I needed to buy it for myself.

Of course, I had to research this. Apparently, it's from a line of chocolate products based on the four elements - air, fire, earth and water. Problem is that the other three bars seem slightly sane. Air is basically a white chocolate Aero bar. Fire is chili flavoured chocolate creme. Earth apparently has nougat brittle in it. All fairly standard chocolate bars.

Water is filled with watermelon flavoured milk creme and pop rocks. WHAT?

The odd part is that this is stupidly good. It actually tastes like watermelon with chocolate on it. I am impressed. The pop rocks are apparently there to simulate the babbling nature of moving water. I don't think it quite works, but it's not offensive. Just odd.

I don't think this is going to be a repeat purchase. Interesting enough for one go, but not for another. 0_0
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Yay! More complete character designs for Umineko! http://www.famitsu.com/anime/news/1222475_1558.html

That should cover most of the major characters for the first arc. There's already bitching about this, mostly "That character's outfit wasn't like that in the gaaaaames!" There was also some random discussion on people looking "evil", but I believe that this is more based on that all of the characters are upper class and we're programmed to assume that the shady upper class member is the villain while the hero is the scrappy outsider.

Of course, this doesn't really work when everyone is stinking rich to begin with and the storyline messes with your head with who can be trusted.

"Summer broadcast" was mentioned in an update today, meaning that this probably will be running along side Spice and Wolf season 2 and what I can only assume will be the new Fullmetal Alchemist.
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I was going to post day 2 last night, but I was feeling really sick and crashed early.

Day two is mostly general location shots and day three is me looking for random crap to shoot.

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So, I've decided to document the week in photos! Originally this was because it was getting warmer and I figured I'd take advantage of the warm weather and take pictures of Toronto. Why? I love Toronto. Living here is my dream.

Except, IT GOT REALLY COLD. Just over the weekend, but it's hard to take pics when it's a million below.

I also need more practice taking photos. The following really aren't that good, but this is a starting point. ::nods:: And now, a very amaturish look at my Monday!

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Yay! It's been a while since I've bought a figure. This is an early Higurashi figure that I've had terrible luck locating because it was sold out when I got into the show. The art style is a little odd because it's based on the original game art. You get used to it after a while.

Shion is a bit - read: A LOT - of a nutbar until the very end of the series, when she becomes heartbreaking. The scene in the clinic makes me bawl. But I can set her up all evillike if I want too, so I think this is a win-win. It's also my favourite anime series in forever, so I don't mind picking up merch every once and a while

Cost me about $20 with shipping. That's the only reason I jumped on it. ;) The sale price is my excuse!
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1.) How do you view your role in fandom?

I've pondered this for a while. I'd like to think of myself as many things in fandom, but the role that I'm most known for and that takes priority in my mind is Fan Historian for Prisoners of Gravity. It's only a minor thing in the range of projects that I work on, but it means a lot to quite a few people. Nothing makes my day more than posting an episode and having comment thanking me for bringing back a lost piece of someone's youth.

I think that I mean many different things to many different people that I interact with in fandom, so my view of myself changes, but that tends to be the most universal. It's also a role that few people share with me, so it's special. :)

2.) What would you like your fandom future to be like?

I would adore being part of some major fan restoration project for PoG. However, I've come to terms that this means that I probably need to LEAD it. If new PoG ever does come around, I'm not sure if I want to be part of it officially, but I would love to be part of it on the fan side. I can't see Signal Loss closing, ever.

Otherwise, I'd like to explore more long-length fiction with the ShadowKnights. This has a tiny audience, but I love the idea and I love the characters, as misplaced as they are. It's something that makes me happy just to write. And really, that's what I want from fandom now. Not fame or popularity, but just being pleased with myself and making other people happy.

3.) What's your favorite thing about yourself?

This is a tough question, because my self esteem is so wonky. Physically, I like my eyes. They're the only real notable physical feature of mine and everyone I know comments on them. If you've never seen them in person, they're gold surrounded by gray-blue. Back in high school, I would have the more edgy kids ask me about where I got those amazing contacts. Sorry, they're natural.

Mentally, while people like to comment on my sense of humour, I'm more fond of my resourcefulness. If something is possible, I can make it happen. If a location exists, I can reach it. If things look grim, I can get to the other side. There will always be a tomorrow, because I say there's one. This wasn't always the case and my skill and faith in myself come from many long and hard battles. I'm still here. This should say something.

4.) What's your favorite thing about writing and drawing?

I love the state of mind that comes from creating. Anything is possible. ANYTHING. It's this lovely, warm and fuzzy creative mental head space that I find myself getting into while working on a project. It makes me really annoyed when I have to wake up and go to work the next day. I'd honestly rather be writing or drawing.

I know that I can gain that state of mind back, but it's a little disheartening to have to let it go during office hours.

5.) What is one thing we definitely have to do while in Maine, aside the obvious?

Well, we've talked about so much already, Steff! I'd really love to take you down to Old Orchard for a night. That's the area's eastern-sea-coast-style community just south of Portland, complete with gift shops out on piers and rides by the sand. That said, while I would like to take you there, I don't know if I should. Our time in Maine is limited and I don't want to waste an evening dragging you down to something that I would enjoy and you wouldn't. That's my same thoughts about asking about going to a really dorky tourist restaurant in Boothbay. I want you to enjoy it as much as I am.

As for something that's more along the lines of what I know you'd enjoy... Lenny the Life-Sized Chocolate Moose! He's just south of Portland! CAN WE GO?! PLEASE! LOOK AT THE CHOCOLATE:
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I'm booooored. D:

Okay, here's how I'm going to run it!

1) In the comments, post five things for me to explain/discuss that you're curious about. I'll answer them in a post.
2) In return, I'll give you five things I'm curious about for you to explain/discuss in your own journal. You know, if you want to be tagged.

Annnnd by the end, we'll know a little bit more about each other. MAYBE. Or discover that we're all axe murderers...

Yeah. Watchmen crap. I was looking at the Hot Topic site for something - I was looking to see if I type of earring I wanted was popular enough to be carried there, apparently not - and found Watchmen shirts already! There's two Rorschach shirts, two general logo shirts and one Comedian shirt


Okay, am I the only one who doesn't get this? Mind you, I never understood the big fandom storm about the new Joker nor this fixation that superheroes must be dark and moody to be understood by us as a society. Here's a thought - wasn't this obsession with enforcing the extremes of society's ills what killed off the comic market in the first place? There was no room for younger, newer fans to jump on and they were forced to deal with the scraps.

Which I think can come full circle with Batman Begins and the Dark Knight. One was dark but planned out to be watchable by the older end of the childern market. The Dark Knight, not so much... Won't somebody think of the children?! D: They're going to be your next big market in 5 years! I thought you people liked money!

Not to be said that a Watchmen movie shouldn't be made, although I'm still in the camp of "Story was designed especially for one medium. Crossover of medium is going to pose headaches". That said...

Who really likes Rorschach?


It's hard to describe the character without spoiling the whole plot, but there's people who can sit back and go "Wow, that is an awesome and kickass character! That's the type of person I'd want to be if I was a superhero! It's the personality type that matches my conflicted soul!" ...did we read the same book? Really, is there some other version of Watchmen that I didn't read?

Beside, we all know that everyone wants to be Nite Owl. HE'S KING OF THE NERDS. King, I tell you! Total dork, is best buddies with his hero, has a garage full of toys AND manages to score with an attractive woman who likes him because of who he is! But, of course, he's the dork and moral-compass-of-sorts of the cast, so I guess that lowers his "coolness" factor.

Also, more mocking of Sawyer, because it made me laugh.

Pyat and Teddog on RJS! Gets kinda sorta awful at the end )
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New PoG Upload!

[21:13] CommanderTeddog: I found the Myths one ready to cut up. o_O
[21:13] CommanderTeddog: I think I'm going to do that one
[21:14] pyatmouse: :)
[21:14] pyatmouse: Excellent
[21:14] pyatmouse: Who is in that one?
[21:14] CommanderTeddog: MYTHS AND ARCHETYPES AIRDATE: APRIL 4/91
Commander Rick looks at the importance of myths and archetypes in comic books and speculative fiction with Walt Simonson, Chris Claremont, Neil Gaiman, Matt Wagner, and Arkham Asylum co-creators Dave McKean and Grant Morrison from the world of comics, and Canadian writers Robert Sawyer, Charles De Lint, Guy Gavriel Kay, horror expert Robert Hadji and horror writer/director Clive Barker. With clips from The Doors, The Adventures of Superman, and Frankenstein.
[21:15] CommanderTeddog: SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWYER! ::shakes fist::
[21:15] pyatmouse: *shudders*

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Please remind me to upload these more often.
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I'm a sucker for libraries!

Not the stereotypical, dark wood, book lined walls of the idealist libraries of the smarter class, although I will admit those are really awesome too, but my full weakness is for libraries built on the bleeding edge of the late 1970s to the early 1990s, the sorta mix of function and Brutalist architecture.

Yes, you might poo-poo these libraries, pointing out how dim and unwelcoming they are, but I'm totally at home at time. Going to a new one is like coming back home.

Thing is that I'm not exactly sure why this is. I THINK it has something to do with the Hamilton libraries. The one that I was a regular at, Kenilworth, is a beautiful branch built in 1932 and looks like an old mansion. The upstairs has these massive bay windows with cushions you could sit on, each floor has a fireplace, the kid's section is huge and while some parts are modern, efforts were taken to keep a lot of the original architecture intact during renos.

Problem was that as lovely as, the king of all libraries in Hamilton was Central Library. Central is a massive beast of concrete, steel and glass. The difference is day and night:


But for whatever reason, Central library connected with me on some odd sort of special level. So, a library like Kenilworth is pretty but normal and something like Central will give me happy warm-and-fuzzies. Thankfully, because of how the Toronto libraries grew, I'm surrounded by very 1980s styled branches.

Anywho, about the STOCK thing now. Hopefully someone is still reading this.

I was in the cooking section on a whim and found one of the Urban Peasant books by the late James Barber. I remember his show from the 1990s and honestly, I'd prefer to read a cookbook written about someone who loved all of the little quirks about cooking, good and bad, rather than just getting angry at food or elevating food to godhood, which seems to be the popular styles now. The sections discussing rice and such are very interesting to read. I don't consider myself a foodie outside of wanting to teach myself to cook, but it's clear that the man enjoyed what he did, but he mentions enjoying everything on a realistic level. Use what you can get for a good price and try to use it all.

Connected to that, there's a decent sized soup section, as the writer sees stock as being the way to reuse things that have food value but are normally tossed. All of the soups are for small batches - the book is for cooking for one or two people. There's a very simple, down-to-earth stock recipe in the book that's used as a base for most (90%) of the soups. I could see myself trying it.... but...


I can't eat chicken. Complex food allergy. But I really want to try these soap recipes AND try making a stock on my own. Stock cubes are an option, but I don't want to fall back on that if I don't have to.

So, does anyone have any stock recipes that call for only veggies or something non-poultry? Is there something I could toss in instead of the called-for chicken carcass/bones? Would I have to adjust the rest of the recipe, depending?
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I want taiyaki ice cream sandwiches!

Yes, I'm AWARE it's cold outside, but they're yummy bits of red bean and ice cream and waffle goodness and less than $2 and only a few blocks from Shepperd station!
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Someone suggested to me today through the bowels of the internets a contest that involved doing a homage to Prisoners of Gravity in some way, shape or form.

Now, sadly, I don't think this is door to me sneakingly asking for fic based on a brainbreaking idea that the lovely Steff mentioned the other night. Although, that WOULD be funny in the way that it could kill people. Seriously.

But the idea that was suggested was to do a five-minute "literary review-interview" in the format and spirit of the original series. The emailer suggested using video, although I'd be open to audio and text scripts as well.

I guess the timing here would work in my favor, as PoG is technically turning TWENTY this year, so I guess its a major deal although I feel KINDA old, but then again, I was six during the original run. T_T

I have no idea what to offer for prizes and crap and I don't really like the idea of calling in favours from contacts for what would amount to a fan contest. I'd also need time and a method to get the word around annnnd all that.

On top of this, I did have the geek-store site project idea as well. DANGIT.

Thoughts, oh fellow dwellers of the fandom depths?
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Warning - Fic content. Avoid if it isn't your bag. I MEAN IT.

This is PART THREE of the fic of DOOM. Long fic is looooong. Long fic is strange. All praise be to long fic!

Balancing the Void
Part Three: Skirting the Edge
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] slwatson. Also a wonderful resource for combat writing!
Rating: PG-13, now! For cursing and violence.
Fandom: IP&S NV/IP&S AMU crossover.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Notes: Welcome to part three, which is longest part so far. Also potentially the strangest at the moment. My goal was to finish this on Family Day. I made it! The next part will be much lighter. You know, as light as this can get.

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I'm probably the only one who care about this series, but it's my LJ! BWHAHAHA

Rei ships in about ten days. Someone already got their copy, it seems, and has leaked clips.

The opening, Super Scription of Data. SHOULD be Superscription of Data, but what can we do? The opening features the new character designs and what seems to be a stylistic return to the first season's opening:

Personally, I love it. Oddly enough, I enjoyed the second season's opening more than the first. o.O

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Rei is an adaptation of a short story collection that doesn't have any impact on the main storyline. Like a lot of side stories in this series, they're "What Ifs". Two of them are actually very light hearted. The other one, though, is a very grim story that shows an alternate reality where nothing bad happened and there were no massive coverups, killing a lot of the emotional development that the characters had.

The opening is based on only this story. Thus, the themes of isolation that are heavy in it.

I'm still on the fence about the character designs. The eyes, which are a sticking point for a lot of people, don't really bug me. The hair does, though. It's like everyone as a giant poof at the back of their heads!

The ending and a clip from the first episode are up over at Nico Nico and through some fluke, I got my account to work!

Ending - http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm6153015

This reminds me of something, but I don't know WHAT. Like, an older show or something else.

Soul Brothers clip - http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm6146060

And this has a metric TON of fan service aimed at the female audience. HOOOOOOLY CRAP. We're talking shirtless guys, speedos and crotch shots. Like older men? Got that! Average, geeky guys? Got that too! Built guys? Tommy is the most stacked geek EVER! Heck, there's even a teen for extra measure, just to balance things out!

I laughed so hard I gave myself a headache. Personally, I'd go for Irie, but I have a thing for blond guys with glasses. HA!


Feb. 9th, 2009 05:45 pm
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Okay, I'm enjoying Ian Thomas music too much how my own darn good. Pyat put Pilot on a mix CD he gave me and I have that song stuck in my head now.

And you know, it doesn't help that there's that connection to Red Green (Ho' crap, it's Dougie singing!) and SCTV there (this song was featured in the episode of that show), but it does make it A LOT funnier.
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Because I know some people have an interest in it.

The background:
Years ago, back when there was a more solid search for TVOntario material, someone got the message "EVERYTHING WAS WIPED" from the station. This led to a lot of confusion as to what still existed.

Someone over at Facebook contacted TVO a few days ago and got a more interesting reply

The following programs are available in Canada from the Visual Education Center (VEC). You can reach them by telephone at: 1.800.668.0749 or visit the website at: www.visualed.com. Please note, some of these titles are available for teachers only:

Math Patrol
Read Along
Read All About It
The Science Alliance
The Body Works
Write On!
Elliot Moose
The Happy Prince
The Selfish Giant

The rights for other, acquired series from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s have expired.

As to the whole rights thing, I really don't know if that means "All other series" or just acquired series. I know that Prisoners of Gravity's rights are probably not with them anymore. ;)
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Okay, so last night I had a dream that involved the following in a strange mash-up:

- Star Trek Mirror Universe
- The Seventh Doctor
- The Dallas Cowboys
- And Laura's broken oven

And when I got up, I had this sudden feeling of anxiety, but I DON'T KNOW WHY.
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I've been told in the past week, both directly and indirectly, that I come across as a blunt person by at least five people. Apparently, this makes me seem intimidating.

Now, I'm normally a nice, kind and caring person. However... I don't think this will come across in this post. D:

HIPSTERS. Drop the artist bullcrap, you don't own it.

I encountered this with a friend. He was informed ahead of time that I edged to the more art-based end of thinking in general, this meaning that I like discussing things like artist thoughts and concepts. I also can wax long about the creation of art. And no, I don't mean "We're capturing raw emotion and mastering the soul!". What I mean is closer to "Isn't it neat that our main forms of artistic expression involve rubbing pigment against a piece of pulped tree and yet we can use this to create an image of the real world, often enough of the real world that the viewer can get lost in it? And in the digital realm, we're creating with light! LIGHT! ISN'T THAT AWESOME?!"

I think the most interesting response I had to a moment of artist dorkdom came back in high school. I was drawing and making the comment about how we have emotional attachments to pencils when all they are is a vector for applying carbon to a piece of paper. A classmate of mine said in reply "Well, how else would you do it? And, would you enjoy it as much?"

I didn't really have an answer to it. Neither did she. I think that we could propose a question like that is tied to the creative process.

It's easy to toss around the term "artist". One of my profs in college would go on these rants all the time about how very few people were actually artists and that people would steal the term as a means to glorify themselves, thus insulting actual artists.

I think he was off the mark too.

For me, the term "artist" applies to someone doing something in the creative realm who is actively attacking and trying to understand their creative process. Coming up to what they know and challenging it. If what someone else gets in the end is "art" to you doesn't matter any, because this process wasn't intended for you. You're just there to look at the end result. However, at the same time, I'm not saying that every act of creation is gold. What I'm trying to say is that "art" isn't not limited to an elite little club or to that whole mass produced "SHINY DESU" nonsense that you see in fandom.

If this idea of art scares you, be assured that most people do this on a subconscious level already. That guilt and worry, also known as being your own worst critic, is tied to all this. Most of my close friends who deal with the creative realm know this feeling far too well and try to overcome it. This is a good thing and is a key part of personal growth.

So, at this point, you're probably wondering what this has to do with Hipsters. In short, everything!

For those not familiar with the Hipster "scene" (consider yourself lucky), Hipsters are well-to-do young adults who have an interest in alternative culture. In short, the rebellious offspring of Yuppies. They're like a cultural sponge, sucking in parts of past and current cultural trends.

To a point, I can understand this. My perfect world would be a cross between Hippies, Beatniks and Golden Age Science Fiction Fandom, where weekends would be spent sitting around barefoot in coffee shops as we zone out to Isaac Asimov reading his latest short story. Thankfully for the sanity of many people, I don't have the power to wish this into existence.

But the difference here is that I'm seeking some spiritual context and guidance from past cultural groups. I want a better sense of how they viewed the world and lived with it, so I better apply it to my own life. I'm a cultural nerd and feel that we can learn a lot from past counter-culture groups. They might have been onto something.

With Hipsters, on the other hand, the standard focus is on the materialistic end. It's about taking on the past's aesthetics and nothing more. Any enjoyment taken away from it is considered to be enjoyed in only an "ironic" sense. In the end, I can't see it being very fulfilling and it comes across as painfully pretentious.

The problem lies in that on the outside, your average Hipster looks like someone who is playing a role in an cultural movement of some sort, as they take on the appearence of it. They are, but it's much more vapid than what a passerby assumes. The movement lacks the creative process that I discussed above, the one that sets apart an "artist" from someone who is just pumping out garbage.

However, for someone on the outside, those pretentious little pricks MUST be a part of the culture! They look the part! Often, they'll claim the part as well.

Claiming your making an artist statement of some kind by usurping the fashions and mannerisms of others is pretty hollow. It starts getting offensive when that reaches into religious cultures as well. If you feel the spiritual drive to seek out a new faith, go at it whole hog! Don't just pick out the parts that look cool on the outside. This sums it up better than I can, but nobody ever takes on the fun parts of the Mormon faith and tries to make it cool unless they're a Battlestar fan, so I never get to write about it.


It's really, really frustrating that our happy little Hipster friends are attempting to move in on our arty turf. Scratch that. No, it's annoying to be assumed to be a Hipster, because Hipsters suck. I'd enjoy it if the whole movement died in a fire. I'm starting to wonder if it's leaking into fandom as well, with the fixation on "PRETTY!" people in media that is otherwise very dorky and the painfully overdressed people attempting to play their Nintendo DSs in the subway. Thank you, it never occurred to me that Mario could be enjoyed ironically.

Admittedly, the assumption that I was ONE OF THEM didn't last long in my case. It only took a few seconds for my geekiness to be understood as geekiness and not me ironically enjoying geeky material. Rather, I love it, from the bottom of my soul. That's why I'm here, after all.
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