Mar. 11th, 2009

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So, [ profile] pyat and I went to get [ profile] velvetpage some Get Well goodies (which hopefully didn't disappear over the afternoon), since she's still recovering from her surgery. This of course involves heading to the market and looking for whatever awesome stuff you can't easily find elsewhere. One of the oddities that we found is water chocolate.

Yes, WATER CHOCOLATE. I needed to buy it for myself.

Of course, I had to research this. Apparently, it's from a line of chocolate products based on the four elements - air, fire, earth and water. Problem is that the other three bars seem slightly sane. Air is basically a white chocolate Aero bar. Fire is chili flavoured chocolate creme. Earth apparently has nougat brittle in it. All fairly standard chocolate bars.

Water is filled with watermelon flavoured milk creme and pop rocks. WHAT?

The odd part is that this is stupidly good. It actually tastes like watermelon with chocolate on it. I am impressed. The pop rocks are apparently there to simulate the babbling nature of moving water. I don't think it quite works, but it's not offensive. Just odd.

I don't think this is going to be a repeat purchase. Interesting enough for one go, but not for another. 0_0


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