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Warning - Fic content. Avoid if it isn't your bag. I MEAN IT.

This is PART THREE of the fic of DOOM. Long fic is looooong. Long fic is strange. All praise be to long fic!

Balancing the Void
Part Three: Skirting the Edge
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] slwatson. Also a wonderful resource for combat writing!
Rating: PG-13, now! For cursing and violence.
Fandom: IP&S NV/IP&S AMU crossover.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Notes: Welcome to part three, which is longest part so far. Also potentially the strangest at the moment. My goal was to finish this on Family Day. I made it! The next part will be much lighter. You know, as light as this can get.

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Warning - Fic content. Avoid if it isn't your bag. I MEAN IT.

This is PART TWO of the fic idea gone crazy. Just broke 10k words, meaning that I think it is the longest fic I've written.

Balancing the Void
Part Two:
The Mother Road
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] slwatson
Rating: PG, at the moment. The most you'll get are references.
Fandom: IP&S NV/IP&S AMU crossover.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Notes: Off we go into insanity... I researched this sucker, but some small details might be wrong. Most of the things that look out of place are kinda wrong on purpose.

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Warning - Fic content. Avoid if it isn't your bag. I MEAN IT.

This is a fic idea gone crazy. I know where it's going. It's just getting there. It's also probably going to be the longest thing I've written, although tiny for the rest of you guys.

Balancing the Void
Part One: Outside Forces
PG, at the moment
Fandom: IP&S NV/IP&S AMU crossover.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Notes: Steff challenged me to write a light fic to explain something. It didn't stay so light.

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The X-Men Rifftrax WINS.

Prof X: This is Scott Summers.
Mike (as Prof X): He's also called "Stinky Cabbage Farts" or "Old Crusty Drawers".

The only downside, which I ought to warn people about, is that this is timed for the single disc release. I'm using the X-Men 1.5 version and the timing is slightly off.

To pull an example from the README file's "DISEMBAUDIO SYNCH LINES"...

Line: I'm Charles Xavier, would you like some breakfast?
RiffTrax: 27:13
DVD: 25:21

The RiffTrax time is correct, but the DVD time for 1.5 should be more like 25:23. It's really small, but causes the files to desync slightly.
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A while back I commented that someone sent me a comment about how they got Ty Templeton to draw them a picture of Commander Rick back at Comic Book Expo. He's posted it for the rest of us to see:

It's not done in quite the same style as the opening art, but remember that was drawn back in the 1980s and this was drawn earlier this month. It looks a lot like a little picture that Steff ([livejournal.com profile] slwatson) drew back this winter, which might mean that Steff and Ty are the same person. Oh noes!

While that is highly unlikely, it really would point to a massive multiverse leak of the size that's unimaginable. I mean, first we have Mike Riffing Scott coming out this week, leading to THIS! It's not Mike with a visor, but it sure is a Wolverine with a Mike head and Bill Corbett (who played Sci-Fi Channel era Crow and the Observer) as Nightcrawler.

How the heck did this all happen? It's like someone left the backdoor open or someone has seriously discovered our inside joke. The latter wouldn't surprise me because there's a fair amount of fic kicking around at the moment, but that was all out of context!

Oh. And the original Ti Kwan Leap skit? Very, very odd. I've heard the version from the Boot To The Head album more than enough, but the version that's in the radio show ends with Ed taking over the class!
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According to the Satellite News, Rifftrax (Michael J. Nelson's personal pet project that's kinda like MST3K without the cute skits) is going to be updating next week with a RiffTrax for...

...get this...

Twentieth Century Fox's 2000 movie X-Men.

Four words: Mike. Riffing. On. Scott.

Don't tell me it's not the same universe. It's MIKE RIFFING ON SCOTT and it's real so that makes it the peak of metaphysics.

I haven't bought one of these things before, but I am SO buying a copy this one once it's released.
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In light of spending the evening looking through really, really awful RP logs for examples for a future BRPS rant, I decided that I needed some amusement.

So... I was looking through this episode of PoG for screencaps and found this little bit that amused me. It's the 10 Commandments of Super Heroes, which in light of Insanity Pure and Simple is kinda amusing. However, the sound on my copy sucks ass, so I typed it out for Steff, Karen, Rich and whoever else can look it over and get a cheap laugh. It's cute. And not, that is not poofdom you hear. Honest!

First IP&Ser how can point out how each of these rules were broken wins.

X: Thou shalt wear primary colours.
IX: Honour the monthly deadline.
VIII: Honour thy mother and father, at least one of whom shall be dead.
VII: Thou shalt battle an arch enemy wearing complementary colours.
VI: Thou shalt suffer an accident involving radiation.
V: Thou shalt not steal.
IV: Thou shalt not commit adultery.
III: Thou shalt kill.
II: Though ye may lay waste to cities, smite powerful enemies or be buried under fallen temples, thou shalt no let thy hair muss.
I: Thou shalt not use the Lord's name in vain... because that would offend readers and that would effect sales.
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Title: The Mother of Invention
Prompt: "Chili Pepper". Steff gave it to me.
Fandom: IP&S/ShadowKnight.
Pairing: Rice.

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Steff wrote a follow up to my silly little story Colorfast, wherein Mike and Rick have to deal with Devon personally. She said I can post it, so I will.

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Title: Colorfast
Prompt: "Day-glo". Bonus for "Day-glo underwear".
Fandom: IP&S/ShadowKnight.
Pairing: None.
For: [livejournal.com profile] slwatson.

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Old RP logs are amusing. While the plotline these quotes are from was more-or-less a horror themed and nightmarish little story, several of the lines crack me up.

Nance> ::snorts:: She's a cougar.
Mike> I dunno. Probably didn't think it warranted that many people. As to her going in alone... it probably is safer. She does know right where she's going. And if she gets into trouble, we're just a shout away.
Nance> ::smirks:: Didn't you see the look she was giving you, Mike? She was expecting a younger-than-her midwestern male to show up, help her and go for drinks afterwards.
Mike> ::blinks, oblivious::: Eh?
Nance> ::shakes her head:: Never mind.
Mike> You mean, she wanted me to play the knight in shining armor then go on a date? ::scratches his head, puzzled:::
Nance> Yep.
Mike> Oh.

Rick> ::looking over the rubble:: So. About what went on in there...
Arnie> :::arms crossed, probably now starting to feel... well, a little wiped out. And dazed.::: ...I won't say anything if you won't. :::did this just happen? Really? No. It's a messed up dream. Or... something:::

Rick> I have discoved a new theory on the universe: Days Inns bring nothing but death and pain.

Mike> So... uh... what're we supposed to do now? Hang around the Days Inn until this curse lifts?
Rick> ::frowns:: I think this is proof that Days Inns are evil.
Mike> Yeah. Maybe you two should dynamite this place and break the curse. :::no, he's not serious, it is a joke:::
Arnie> :::perfectly straight-faced::: I'll go get the dynamite. ::to Trish::: Which pocket d'you want it in?
Nance> Does that mean that we get to move into the Marriott for the rest of the weekend? I heard their rooms are nicer.

[Food? Is gone.]
[Long gone, and any leftovers? Don't look at Mike]


Aug. 4th, 2006 02:33 am
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Fandom: IP&S/ShadowKnight.
Rating: PG
Pairing: None
Genre: Gen/sorta drama
Summary: An officer and her guide are stuck camping outside of a settlement. This is set in the future of that "After The End of the World" AU. The characters are unnamed, but I'll spoil them at the end.
Warning: Only has had a quick beta by me. Messing around with the writing style. Don't know if that did much.

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::eyes the Mike on the left::

COME ON! I am so not the only one thinking of that in an IP&S context.

ShadowKnight!Mike = Director of Insanity.


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