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Birthdate:Sep 30
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This LJ is Semi-Friends-Only. Don't get it? Read here.

“There is no smoking in this auditorium. And now we invite you to enjoy our feature presentation.”

I’m a media geek and a pez dispenser of media wit and not-quite wisdom, living happily and working in the wonderful city of Toronto. And yes, I AM the person that runs Signal Loss. People keep asking me about that.

While this journal is semi-locked, feel free to add yourself if you're lurking and feel we have common interests. I'd like to consider myself easy going, although I do get annoyed at people who take life too seriously, people with entitlement complexes and superficial fanbrats, especially the ones who feel that they have bizarre spiritual connections to fictional characters and the ones that feel that doing something in a video game amounts to something grand.

Fanfiction ● Because I'm a nerd
My Fanfic Archive
How to Get Fanfic Access

Major Fandoms ● I'll talk about these more than I should
Mystery Science Theater 3000 ● Prisoners of Gravity ● Aria ● Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ● Lucky Star

Current Pet Projects ● Geeky things with banners by [personal profile] slwatson

Current Pimpage ● Drop what you're doing and look at these, with banners by [personal profile] slwatson

Communities I Own
[profile] moondog_icons» An icon comm shared between my sister and I.
[profile] possumlodge» General fan community for The Red Green Show.
[profile] mst3kfanworks» Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan works community. Fan fic, fan art and such and such.

Communities I Mod
[profile] fic_simplicity» Slice-of-life fanfiction prompt/challenge community

Other Journals
teddog @ GJ» Main RP Journal for IP&S. Mostly F-locked. is gone now, like GJ!
teddog @ JF» Journal for F_W commenting.
[profile] signal_pirate» RP journal for SK!Rick on LJ.

World of Warcraft › Sentinels US Realm
Felenora › Hunter › I shoot things until they stop moving
Enrico › Priest › My Divine Hymn includes lyrics from Sledgehammer

Insanity, Pure and Simple OTP Banners by me and [personal profile] slwatson

Please note: My moods icons are made by me and specific to my main RP character. Please do not steal them, as many references in them will be pointless to you.

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