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If you dig pinball, you have to get your butt down to the Great Canadian Midway on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls.

They have an almost completely functioning copy of the Twilight Zone machine there!

I'm a the daughter of a pinball king and a pinball bunny and as such, I was raised with pinball. Not the greatest player (although Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure games fear me), but I enjoy playing. My dad and I used go to arcades and play anything we could find, but there's only a few games I was truly smitten with. The Twilight Zone was one of them.

Okay, I could talk about the Twilight Zone for HOURS. It's the standard I judge games by, probably not a fair standard given how complex the game is compared to many other machines. The cabinet at Great Canadian Midway works great, except that the speakers are blown on it. So, no cool music or voice overs, which is a complete and total shame because that was one of the highlights of it. Internet Pinball Database has the music, though. :)

The machine has a copy of its brother Star Trek: The Next Generation too, but none of my money went to that. I THINK the speakers worked on that one.

Other machines I have known or at least, can remember in great detail:
The Who's Tommy - Used to be at the local movie theater.
Star Wars - One of these lived at Mac's Milk.
Scared Stiff - Kate used to play this machine when the mall had an arcade. I can't remember if it was a censored version or not. Pinball boobs, hee!


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