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I'm phone/email sitting to hear from Chatham today. It's quite boring.

Mike, I FINALLY figured out how to copy that one DVD that kept erroring, although I still haven't cleaned up the tracking issue with the tape yet. That really bugs me, because one of the episodes on the buggered tape is the final Prisoners of Gravity episode that aired in broadcast run. It's not episode produced, though, due to a complex issue at the time, yet it's still a unique episode to have.

It seems the problem with the DVDs is the software I was using to copy the discs. It's looking for video files, but my recorder puts on a .DAT file and the software sometimes doesn't like it. Sometimes it does. Do I know why? Nope, but it's causes some heartache because it ruined two potential burns the other day and errored when I tired to copy a disc of Red Green for Steff.

However, I HAVE IT WORKING NOW and it's ripping/burning at about 30 minutes per a disc.

I'm divided on how to spread PoG around at the moment. See, I WANT to share what I have, but cost and time is a limiting factor. I'll tape trade/burn for Jesse, but I'm getting new material there. Burning for friends isn't an issue because they're close friends and I want to share the love with them. Random people on the internet, though? That's where I draw the line. I get several requests from strangers for PoG a week and can't afford to burn that much because of the time, costs of discs and cost of shipping coming out of my pocket. I've thought of setting up a system of some sort, but I'm focused on finding WORK right now.

On the WoW front, I helped Mike run his first Alterac yesterday. Usually I set it for "First available" and wait 2 minutes tops. But, because he needed to do his quest for the Stormpike Insignia, we decided to try for the same battleground and ended up waiting 25 minutes. Ewwww... But, we completed the quest and even got to storm Frostwolf and attacked Drek'Thar. Almost won, too. Problem was that at some point, Drek reset back to full health and we have to lower his health AGAIN. We lost by a few seconds. AHH!

I'm 5 tokens short of my goal of 30, so I'm going to complete that this afternoon. While I hit 59 last night, I'm unsure as to what to do about that. If I roll over to 60 (which is likely soon, because I still have my rested bonus into the last bubble of 59), then all of the XP I earn will become be in-game cash instead (I don't have the xpac yet so my cap is 60), making it easier to save for my mount's riding skill. That said, it will also push me into the next bracket for Warsong and Arathi and I don't want to be playing while sitting at the bottom of the pile.


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