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The storm is blowing in now. Posting via cellphone. We're on the water now.

The Jadran, for a restaurant ship, is decently seaworthy. Where we're heading, I'm not really sure. Just out in the middle of the lake now, riding out this storm.

And the zombie uprising. Must not forget that. I wish I could. There's things on the internet that I can't unsee.


Okay, so the Jadran smells funny, like fish. Well, seafood resaurant. Go figure.

I'm not really a Captain, I guess. John is still here, having left to project his livelihood. He was willing to listen to my plan (you know, REASON) and help us get out on the open water. There's a few other Star employees with us, the ones that wouldn't listen to demands of Payroll, who were trying to control the flow of food.

Kinda wonder what's going to become of that. Power was failing in the building when we left.

Alive now. That's all that matters.
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The beauty of my office is that it has several choke points that can be used to defend yourself against an attack, be it human or otherwise.

Where are these choke points? Like hell I'll tell you. Do not underestimate panicked IT workers. Although, I'm kinda worried about the boss. He was going over to the Jays game today.

Best not to think about it.

We'll probably have to move out, fast. We're in the middle of the tourist district. Lots of people underfoot. The worst appears to be north of the train tracks. There's some heavy smoke coming from the old Hummingbird Centre.

They're heading south.

We have supplies here in the tower, up in the fourth floor. Eh, did have supplies. I haven't been up there, but someone from the sports department said that payroll took over the caf by force. Asshats.

If there's any place nearby that's safe, it's the islands. Cut off from the rest of the world, since I don't think that zombies can swim. The problem is that most of the ships have been set out already, either by the owners or stolen.

Well, almost all of them.
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Toronto has on odd culture when it comes to public transit. We don't talk about people jumping in front of subway trains.

Heck, just this morning I was over at Eglinton station and there was chaos on the platform. Now, this isn't uncommon, but a train stopped only halfway across the platform IS. Figured it was some sort of power outage. Not too uncommon on the TTC during the summer. The fuse boxes act up in the heat.

Now, what was strange was when a body slid out from under the train, but I figured that it was some TTC maintenance guy. They're always running around the tunnels during the morning rush. That or it was the luckiest man, well, EVER.

He was heading to Davisville, last I saw.

Some idiot was yapping about a news report from the states about some disease or whatever. The news is what's caused oil prices to spike up and down, so I'm taking anything with a grain of salt. And, with the news in Toronto, I doubt we'll hear any more details.

Coverage of the Euro Cup cut out at random at lunch hour. The bar couldn't get the signal back. That kinda sucked.


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