Feb. 19th, 2009

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Someone suggested to me today through the bowels of the internets a contest that involved doing a homage to Prisoners of Gravity in some way, shape or form.

Now, sadly, I don't think this is door to me sneakingly asking for fic based on a brainbreaking idea that the lovely Steff mentioned the other night. Although, that WOULD be funny in the way that it could kill people. Seriously.

But the idea that was suggested was to do a five-minute "literary review-interview" in the format and spirit of the original series. The emailer suggested using video, although I'd be open to audio and text scripts as well.

I guess the timing here would work in my favor, as PoG is technically turning TWENTY this year, so I guess its a major deal although I feel KINDA old, but then again, I was six during the original run. T_T

I have no idea what to offer for prizes and crap and I don't really like the idea of calling in favours from contacts for what would amount to a fan contest. I'd also need time and a method to get the word around annnnd all that.

On top of this, I did have the geek-store site project idea as well. DANGIT.

Thoughts, oh fellow dwellers of the fandom depths?


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