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I was going to post day 2 last night, but I was feeling really sick and crashed early.

Day two is mostly general location shots and day three is me looking for random crap to shoot.

Day Two!

Here's Eglinton and Bayview. Bayview generally looks better as you head south.

Eglinton station! Unlike Davisville, this is completely underground. This station is very strange, as there's huge chucks of it sealed up. See, they had to more the bus terminal, but the old terminal and bus tunnels still exist. It's considered one of the largest stations in the system in terms of floorspace because of this.

And this is Union. Generally, Union is used a lot but isn't popular with many people because the platforms are extremely narrow for such a high-use station.

While going to work, I can cut through Union station proper. This is the waiting area for GO Trains. It's very yellow. The platforms got renumbered just last year because visitors and new people were very confused by the numbering system. It was an older system that had fallen out of fashion where the platforms themselves were numbered instead of the tracks. This doesn't sound that bad, BUT there's platforms that serve more than one track.

So yes, the new system makes more sense, but not if you're used to the old one.

And then I get to cut through the Air Canada Centre. This is the Fan Zone, where there's games and stuff when an event is happening at the ACC.

The ACC was built on the same site as the Canada Post Delivery Building, so some of the artwork from the postal building was saved. Here you can see a scene from [livejournal.com profile] pyat's Werewolf game...

And here we have a piece of fanart from a series mid 1990s beer commercials. Yes, I know that was obscure, even for me.

Look! It's the underside of the expressway. The city keeps talking about burying it, since it cuts off downtown from the waterfront. I don't think it's that bad during the morning, but after dark it gets a bit creepy.

Day Three!

The awesome railing outside of my apartment!

I wish I framed that one better. :(

More railings! They have polishers for these things

This is probably my favourite photo from this week. I love the angle and this lines. The one thing I was let down on was that I didn't get the brilliant dark blue from outside.

The lettering on this sign is so CUTE.

Planter over at the hotel. Given how warm it is now, I'll probably swing back this way today.

The CN Tower stands tall as lord over the downtown, mocking the new buildings that DARE to be built in its shadow.

Date: 2009-03-05 02:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pyat.livejournal.com
My game is so incredible, that memories of it have reached backward in time to influence real history.

Date: 2009-03-09 04:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mbehemoth.livejournal.com
You only know half the story of Eglinton! During the Bob Rae years funding was provided for Two Subway expansions! A Shepard line and a Eglinton line. When Mike Harris came to power he cut funding for one of them and told Mel Lastman to pick one. Being from North York, which do you think good old Mel picked? Well I guess the answer is obvious. Anyhoo from Eg West station there's a buried subway line that was never completed that was meant to go all the way to the Airport.

Now its slated to become a LRT line by like 2015 (more like 2045 if ever) with futuristic Street cars that maybe I could be driving! Right past your apartment! Don't hold you breath. ;)


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