Feb. 23rd, 2009

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New PoG Upload!

[21:13] CommanderTeddog: I found the Myths one ready to cut up. o_O
[21:13] CommanderTeddog: I think I'm going to do that one
[21:14] pyatmouse: :)
[21:14] pyatmouse: Excellent
[21:14] pyatmouse: Who is in that one?
[21:14] CommanderTeddog: MYTHS AND ARCHETYPES AIRDATE: APRIL 4/91
Commander Rick looks at the importance of myths and archetypes in comic books and speculative fiction with Walt Simonson, Chris Claremont, Neil Gaiman, Matt Wagner, and Arkham Asylum co-creators Dave McKean and Grant Morrison from the world of comics, and Canadian writers Robert Sawyer, Charles De Lint, Guy Gavriel Kay, horror expert Robert Hadji and horror writer/director Clive Barker. With clips from The Doors, The Adventures of Superman, and Frankenstein.
[21:15] CommanderTeddog: SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWYER! ::shakes fist::
[21:15] pyatmouse: *shudders*

Embedded Parts Under Cut )

Please remind me to upload these more often.
Yeah. Watchmen crap. I was looking at the Hot Topic site for something - I was looking to see if I type of earring I wanted was popular enough to be carried there, apparently not - and found Watchmen shirts already! There's two Rorschach shirts, two general logo shirts and one Comedian shirt


Okay, am I the only one who doesn't get this? Mind you, I never understood the big fandom storm about the new Joker nor this fixation that superheroes must be dark and moody to be understood by us as a society. Here's a thought - wasn't this obsession with enforcing the extremes of society's ills what killed off the comic market in the first place? There was no room for younger, newer fans to jump on and they were forced to deal with the scraps.

Which I think can come full circle with Batman Begins and the Dark Knight. One was dark but planned out to be watchable by the older end of the childern market. The Dark Knight, not so much... Won't somebody think of the children?! D: They're going to be your next big market in 5 years! I thought you people liked money!

Not to be said that a Watchmen movie shouldn't be made, although I'm still in the camp of "Story was designed especially for one medium. Crossover of medium is going to pose headaches". That said...

Who really likes Rorschach?


It's hard to describe the character without spoiling the whole plot, but there's people who can sit back and go "Wow, that is an awesome and kickass character! That's the type of person I'd want to be if I was a superhero! It's the personality type that matches my conflicted soul!" ...did we read the same book? Really, is there some other version of Watchmen that I didn't read?

Beside, we all know that everyone wants to be Nite Owl. HE'S KING OF THE NERDS. King, I tell you! Total dork, is best buddies with his hero, has a garage full of toys AND manages to score with an attractive woman who likes him because of who he is! But, of course, he's the dork and moral-compass-of-sorts of the cast, so I guess that lowers his "coolness" factor.

Also, more mocking of Sawyer, because it made me laugh.

Pyat and Teddog on RJS! Gets kinda sorta awful at the end )


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