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2010-04-09 01:22 pm

Sounds of Late Night Buffalo Nights...

LJ is being impossible to load, so I'm going to squee over here. Maybe I'll make squeeing over here a more regular thing...

I just learned that David Kane's Them Jazzbeards posted several of their albums to iTunes. They're going for $9.99 Canadian a pop except for Soundtrack for Highballs, Lowbrows and Presbyterians which is going for $9.99 US. It's not on the Canadian store for some reason.

The big deal is that these albums are more or less the Off Beat Cinema soundtrack. Say what you will about the movies or the hosts, but the music on OBC was universally very good for a late night movie show. OBC and Mystery Science Theater are two of the few shows that I adore the music from over in that end of fandom.

Some of the songs weren't played as often and some of the tracks aren't used at all (or at least not enough that I remember them). But, if you've seen the show in any form and are curious enough to see what I mean, Dial J For Jazzbeards is very distinctive and should ring bells. It's used to led into and out of host segments often.

What I can't find is the actual OBC theme music. I remember reading once that it was on a long out of print album and hard to come by, but most of these albums are out of print in a physical sense. It's only a short section of music, so it might be hidden in a longer track.

The only thing holding me back is the cost - there's four albums out there and it'll set me back about $40 to buy the whole lot. To be honest, this is music I'd prefer buying because I'll listen to it a lot (I used to draw to it when the movies on OBC sucked that night and I'd love to draw to it again) and because it's by a relatively local, non-mainstream group. It's just a big investment.
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2009-05-15 05:25 am

(no subject)

Teddog is officially on vacation until the 31st!

I'll have internet here and there, but I'll probably take some time to reply. Fastest way to contact me will be email.

See you all in June!
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2009-05-07 05:33 pm

(no subject)

I finally got my watch fixed this lunch hour! Go me, for it took a long time for me to get that done. All I needed was a new battery, although it set me back $12.

It makes me happy to have it back, really.

I also needed it fixed in some form for my trip. One week until I leave! I need to start packing and sorting out some things in order. I'm going to be gone until June, so I need to set up some manual payments (read: OSAP) to run while I'm gone. Everything else can be handled by internet banking, I think, and my rent isn't due until the first.

.... I also need to clean my fridge. This worries me. I really shouldn't have bought a dozen eggs last week. I have a week to eat 10 eggs. Lovely. Maybe I should bake something to burn through them. WHO WANTS CAKE?
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2009-05-05 04:10 pm

And then some not-so-success...

A run at a local Sobeys resulted in NO new Tim Tams. Aw well. I have plenty as is. Also have someone in my guild up for trading Tim Tams for American goodies. :D

To discuss things that I have been forgetting to, I was in Hamilton this past weekend. Most of that time was spent on geeky things.

I'm my brother's hero, although I already knew that. He waited for me to come in Friday night and we watched Slayers Next until he passed out at 3am. We finished the rest of Next the next morning and he made me promise to bring over Slayers Try the next time I visited. I'm going to look into the movies as well.

Now, this is the first time I've watched through Next. It's decent and not as episodic as the first series was and I had a good time watching it. It does gun a bit lower than I usually roll with anime now in terms of demographics, but it's decent fantasy-comedy even if strays from my normal mystery/suspense fare. I had finished off the novels up until the end of Next as well, so it was neat to see it played out in animated form. That said: man, the anime plays up the pairings.

I also tossed a couple of episodes of Red Dwarf at Spence as well. Blame Steff for that, since that's what I do. He seems to like it when the comedy edges to the more physical end. We watched The End for the set-up, then Backwards (which we watched several times - "Let's watch Backwards again! That was awesome!"), Polymorph (which I was iffy on because of the more adult humour in it, but Spence didn't seem bothered) and Justice (for the epic showdown at the end). So, it's on me to find the more appealing episodes for him now. I'm kinda sad that we don't share the same enjoyment of verbal comedy that I had at his age, but I was a bit of a freak at his age.

And finally, I bashed my knee in on Sunday morning, on the inside of my bad knee too. The family bathtub is stupidly deep and on the outside of it, the edge is above my knees. I'm a short person, so I have to toss myself in.

Yeah, well, I slipped. OW. It's bruised up pretty bad, but should be better for vacation. I hope.

I think I'm going to read more of Umineko again tonight. I had read the comic adaptation of it before and original game? Drags a bit at the opening. Part of the problem is that the urgency of the events requires knowledge of the stock market to make sense, so the adult characters go into a long-winded financial discussion. Draaaaaaaag. The ending of that was decent, though, but the comic compressed the whole conversation into a handful of pages.

Things seem to pick up with the cousins, though. Which I guess it should, given they're the main characters. At the moment, I still prefer Higurashi BY FAR, if only because it works more with the angle of replacement families (the family made of the people you choose) and the strengths and weaknesses of friendship.
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2009-05-05 12:00 am


Guess what's baaaaaaack?

Photo Proof! )

Yes, it be Tim Tams! Apparently, after I gave up looking, Arnott's moved into the Canadian market proper. The last time they came up here, they were being imported by Loblaws. This time, they're being carried in a bunch of stores.

I've found the caramel and original flavours at the Loblaws by work - normally $3.19 a package, now on sale for $2.49. Apparently, Sobeys is carrying them closer to the $4 range and also have the dark chocolate kind. I'm going to scout for those later this week, although I have a feeling that I might have to go to the edge of the city. Most of the Sobeys near me are smaller stores.

But! It's Tim Tams! AND I have them in time for my vacation, which means [livejournal.com profile] slwatson gets Tim Tams! Yay!
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2009-04-28 05:56 pm

Umineko Motion Graphic Volume 4

The last Question Arc Umineko Motion Graphic was finally posted online. It was officially released over the weekend. It was a VERY painful wait after the posted preview.

As other fans noted, they didn't spoil the BIG DAMN PLOTTWIST that happened "after the credits". Which is sad, because it would mean one of my favourite characters would appear and they haven't yet. Still, nice to see Bern in full colour.

Of a silly note to anyone in the Werewolf game, the little girl who shows up carrying a stuffed animal and the black dress with red bows, Maria, was the original inspiration for my Werewolf character. :P
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2009-04-28 03:15 am

(no subject)

Okay, since I know there's at least 3 fangirls into Red Dwarf at the moment who might read this and could help me go TTPCTS and all...

What type of material is a light-bee made out of? I can't find solid references beyond "metallic". I want to know if it would be considered magnetic. I don't think it would be, because it's a tiny computer in a heavy industry vessel. Too much potential for chaos there.

I need to explain it in the context of this for a round robin I'm in:

We're discussing how something that is more or less invisible in canon can be leveled somewhat for use in the RR. Otherwise, the character I'm playing is going to be a terminator, which nixes any risk. As I commented somewhere else in that thread, I'm forcing tech from three different series into one character.

For reference, Rimmer can only pull information from series V at the latest (although I gave Nance hard-light for the purpose of this RR because I'm a dick). Trek canon would be Mirror universe circa 2240s/2250s.
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2009-04-24 09:31 pm


Modem is dead. Again. Power supply went on it and I spent a good amount of time trying to explain to the service dude that, yes, it dead and I had tried all opinions to save it short of buying a new power supply from a surplus store.

That MIGHT explain the odd connection outages I was having. See, I figured that it was because I was torrenting and Bell got cranky. This is the second modem that I've had that's nuked in about a year and a half. Bell just hates me in general.

So! On the bright side I have a working copy of Umineko no Naku Koroni. NORMALLY I am more than willing to toss some money into the tip jar, but... I broke down. I'm only human. I'll import it, buy figures and DVDs and all that fan stuff when the goods come out. I'm a good fan like that.

Plus, I need something to distract me from marathoning all of Red Dwarf, since I promised [livejournal.com profile] slwatson that I would stop at the end of series IV until I was down at her place.

Also, to my credit? That game was a total pain to install. I had to install it twice, since the first installation failed because the installer was corrupted. The English patch only works when my computer thinks it's in Japan. It's very odd and annoying because it requires me to restart my machine.

But! Umineko! I'm quite enjoying it at the moment, although I'm still at the intros. I'm curious how direct an adaption the anime is going to be, because there's some fairly lewd humour in it. It's amusing lewd humour - the main character and his stepmother discuss what the character's father is doing in the washroom and why it couldn't possibly anything rude. Basically stepmom is wearing the pants in that family.

Anyway, I have to sit down and write a horror bit for the round robin, so have some Umineko crack:

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2009-04-21 12:38 am

(no subject)

The Setup:
Steff is looking for old logs.
I pass them over.
She locates amusing exchanges from them.

Yes, it's time for...
Brought to you by TimTams: The breakfast of champions.

Arnie> They mentioned the stolen dynamite in the newscast. Apparently, they were intending to level the grounds. :::shrugs a bit::: For a golf course, no less. I can't imagine what they'd name it.
Rick> We ought to send them the bill for our services, if they were going to level it anyway.
Arnie> No... no, I don't think I'd want to have to explain it to the police.
Arnie> The Golf Course of Seven Teeth. Get a hole in one, and you may find one of the missing pieces.

The only context I'll give is that he's actually referring to this:
Metropolitan State Hospital
Which is pure nightmare fuel, but is needed to get the dark joke.
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2009-04-17 11:44 am

(no subject)

Spring is starting to come into full force! How can you tell? The tour buses are starting to come back in their warm weather numbers.

Because work is located at the foot of Yonge Street, most tour buses will zip by to proudly showcase "The start of the longest street in the world". Which it's actually not for stat's sake but we like to claim it anyway.

And I shouldn't say "zip" rather than "slowly pass by as the guide announces local facts".

I saw a Grey Line double decker today. They run year-round on some routes but are more regular in the summer months. There's also the Hippos, which will be returning in May (they don't come down to the foot of Yonge, although I pass them on the way down from the subway), and a these odd little buses that seem to be themed to streetcars, which is silly given that Toronto has working street cars.

In fandom news, there's a new Higurashi figure set coming out but... I really don't know. If you're not a fan, it's easy to get the wrong impression here..

Little girls is nighties! AHHH! The outfits are more sundresses, really and based on a scene from the last arc where the two appear in a surreal scene where they're forcing the timeline into the most ideal one possible by assuring that one character moves to the village. They win over the character's father by being an example of how peaceful and innocent the village is. Despite that it isn't. Oh well.

To be honest? Hanyuu, the one in the pink outfit, is really, really cute here and she's one of my favourite characters in the show, so there's a high factor of "Must get!". The figures are based on a garage kit from last year and the poses are dead on to how the characters are at this point in the plot: Hanyuu is the optimist while Rika is vaguely distant. The only issue? THEY'RE LITTLE KIDS IN WHAT LOOKS LIKE NIGHTIES! It's sweet when you know the context, but without it there's a certain creep out factor if you don't!

Despite that they're not actually little girls, Rika is over at least 100 years old and Hanyuu is an ancient god. Cutest ancient god ever, amirite?
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2009-04-16 12:34 am

Shine on, Delta, you crazy diamond!

So! The province has a new tool. Check out my old high school!


I don't know how correct these numbers are, but these are the more interesting ones.

Applied Math - Percentage of students achieving the provincial standard: 8%

BWHAHAHAHAHA... not shocking.

Percentage of students whose first language is not English: 3.4%

This number is extremely low for the province and even the city, especially combined with:

Percentage of students who live in lower-income households: 25%

The area is still the stronghold of factory workers and such. Exciting!
2009-04-12 10:55 pm

Happy Easter Everyone!

Been very busy this weekend!

- Took Kate over to Pyat's to have dinner and try to play video games, but we ended up watching odd YouTube clips.
- Played in the Werewolf game and didn't get killed this time!
- Got to scout some Hamilton geek stores.
- Got my hair cut.
- Watched Nanoha As with my brother. He rather likes the male supporting cast, since they're nerdy guys his age.
- Discovered the Time Warp Pizza Joint.
- Went over to Mike and Lisa's to read by Star Trek comic books, look at recipes and watch some MST3K.
- Ate too much candy.
- Had a good Easter dinner.
- Have been working on a Round Robin over at Ad Astra and have been enjoying it, although I was frustrated because I haven't been able to write as much as I wanted to because I've been so busy.

Holidays are NOT relaxing times for me.

That said, on an amusing note, my insane sister wants me to stop talking to one of my best friends because she feels that my friend is luring me into the evil underworld of lesbian relationships from which there is no escape.

So I informed my friend of this, because I felt it was VITAL that her children and husband know BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. ;)
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2009-04-08 01:50 pm


It's been a long, rough week for a lot of people. So, I feel the need to attempt to force some humour into it.

Anyone remember Lost Worlds? Sorta a cross between picture books and a table top role playing system? Here's the Wiki article on it and here's the official website.

Well, back in 2005, Hobby Japan licensed the game and created a spinoff and as of this spring broadcasting season, there's now an anime based on the RPG! Yep, a Lost Worlds anime!

... by now the anime fans reading this have fled in terror because they KNOW what I'm going to post. Uh, such as it is, the final product is not very work safe. Imagine the idea of the plate/chain mail bikini taken to extremes.


And here's the official spinoff goods! NOT WORK SAFE!

And here's the upcoming video game spinoff! ALSO NOT WORK SAFE

And remember! Queen's Blade books are now completely compatible with Lost Worlds books! Probably the most work safe link of the bunch.

The anime itself, uh... well, it opens with our hero being attack by a bunny girl. Said bunny girl has acidic breast milk that dissolves clothing. This is in the first five minutes. I think that's enough to make a judgement call on it.
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2009-04-06 10:21 pm



Why am I posting this? While not mentioned in the CNN article, the plane was stolen from Confederation College, where I went to college!

This is amusing because it's a tiny college that nobody knows about and we just made international news!

Okay, so it's NOT QUITE a good thing. Still, it's very strange to see the college mentioned on news sites.
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2009-04-01 02:08 am

Teddog and The Numbers Station

I've told this story a lot recently, since it keeps coming up. Might as well make it public...

...although, for all I know, the black helicopters will come after me. ;)

It was the mid 1990s. Our local Fox station, based out of Grand Island, New York, would air Sonic the Hedgehog during the early hours of the morning. I was quite the fan of Sonic back then and I really wanted to watch the show.

So, being the resourceful nerd I was, I programmed a VCR and taped the show. I was awesome! I could tape it without waking up!

Except, this only worked for a week. One sweet, blissful week of Sonic cartoons kidnapped from the early hours. After that, the recordings became unwatchable. The audio was garbled - the audio wasn't the audio from the cartoon, but a woman saying random words and numbers.

I was, naturally, confused. My first thought was that it was ghosts, but this didn't seem likely. My second thought was that something was wrong with the VCR and maybe I had to start up the VCR manually.

So, I set my alarm clock to wake me up. Surprisingly, it worked and I stumbled out of bed and downstairs to watch my TV show...

... only to discover the the problem with the audio existed in the broadcast as well! There was no way to watch the cartoon! After that, I never woke up early to record again.

So, what was it? It beats me, but my current theory is that somehow, the TV station ran afoul of a Numbers Station:

Got any better ideas? I'd LOVE to hear it. This has haunted me for quite some time.
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2009-03-26 02:29 am


I've been trying to hold off on any major fandom items until after vacation but... man...

Fate T. Harlaown True Sonic Form (PVC Figure)

Okay, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is one massive guilty pleasure for me. It's girls with magical powers hauling around weapons more suited to a science fiction series. The weapons all have advanced AIs and have thoughts and emotions even if they speak in quirky English and German. As you can imagine, I'm a massive sucker for this.

And I like Fate as an adult, but it's not so much that I like Fate... I like her familiar and I love Bardiche, her overly formal weapon. I guess the massive hit against it is that I don't like Fate's Sonic form outfit and I prefer her jacket outfit. Sonic form needs more clothes. -_-

Also, there is an Alter figure of Nanoha herself coming eventually. I almost prefer her personality wise - "Why don't you listen to me? ::blows something up::" - although I like Raising Heart and Bardiche about equally.

Of course, the easy way around this is to just get the figmas because the weapons can be switched out to their different modes. This would keep me busy for hours.
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2009-03-25 08:32 am

Suddenly, Something Makes Sense!

I was researched Eugenics War material for unholy means and stumbled upon this...

Roberta Lincoln
Of note? "she had two birthmarks – a small mole on her left shoulder and a somewhat larger, star-shaped mole on a portion of her anatomy she'd rather not be discussed in public."

Where have I heard this before?

Mikuru Asahina
"she accidentally let slip a small bit regarding the star-shaped mole on her chest" For reference, it's actually on her breast and her younger self doesn't like discussing it.

Normally, I'd let this slide, but it seems a LITTLE strange that beyond the mole it appears that both seem to work with time travel related agencies, so it hardly seems like an accident. The Haruhi Suzumiya series (where Mikuru is from) also makes references to other parts of North American fandom. I can't seem to find anyone else mentioning this particular connection, however.
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2009-03-23 11:29 pm


Why is it when the weather warms up, I get the urge to read more comics? Is it a con season thing? Am I just crazy? I'm currently revisiting my lists of series I'm following and seeing what standalone books I can snag through the library. Any recommendations are welcome. Of note, I'm currently focused on finishing Monster, since Viz's adaptation is finished (Before you wank about Viz, Monster is published under the Signature line and the production lines are decent) and I've just finished the standalone Laika. Both are highly recommended.

Speaking of con season... I might have something to potentially say about that. ::coughs:: ;)

Other than that, I don't really have anything to say at the moment. I've been picking at my fic again. The weather was a touch of a letdown, going from the warm weather from the weekend going back to chilling ones. I need a haircut, but that's going to have to wait until April.

And in closing, this made me laugh:
What's in the mystery meat sandwich? YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW!
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2009-03-21 01:37 pm


I uploaded an episode late last night, but totally forgot to post that I have uploaded it. It looks like fandorks over on YouTube discovered it last night, looking at the hits, but I didn't post it for you people over here.

From the episode guide:


Commander Rick's guests include SF reviewer John Clute, Kristine Kathryn Rusch (editor, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction), and speculative fiction writers Pat Cadigan (Synners), Esther Friesner (Harpy High), Mercedes Lackey (Bardic Voices), Robert Holdstock (The Bone Forest), and Gwyneth Jones, who writes young adult fiction as Ann Halam. With award-winning YA authors Jane Yolen (Wizard's Hall), and Canada's own Monica Hughes (Crisis on Conshelf Ten)

The bit before the opening is one of the most clearly remembered scenes in the series, judging from discussions I've had with other fans. And yes, it's really funny in a dorky way.

Embedded clips under the cut )
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2009-03-20 01:10 am

I can has Watchmen?

Okay, so cranky people of the internet can be aware: I SAW WATCHMEN. This now validates all of the opinions I've held. Interestingly enough, the big ones didn't change

I enjoyed Watchmen. It isn't a perfect movie and it's hard for me to judge if I'm a good point of view for discussing a film version, since I've read the comic. I heard it's hard to follow if you haven't read it yet - can anyone confirm that or is it just random people complaining?

Eh, I'll quickly do some point form thoughts under the cut.

Thoughts under the cut, 'cause of spoilers and all )

And now that all that is said and done, I please remember that I did enjoy the film. I just think too much.