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LJ is being impossible to load, so I'm going to squee over here. Maybe I'll make squeeing over here a more regular thing...

I just learned that David Kane's Them Jazzbeards posted several of their albums to iTunes. They're going for $9.99 Canadian a pop except for Soundtrack for Highballs, Lowbrows and Presbyterians which is going for $9.99 US. It's not on the Canadian store for some reason.

The big deal is that these albums are more or less the Off Beat Cinema soundtrack. Say what you will about the movies or the hosts, but the music on OBC was universally very good for a late night movie show. OBC and Mystery Science Theater are two of the few shows that I adore the music from over in that end of fandom.

Some of the songs weren't played as often and some of the tracks aren't used at all (or at least not enough that I remember them). But, if you've seen the show in any form and are curious enough to see what I mean, Dial J For Jazzbeards is very distinctive and should ring bells. It's used to led into and out of host segments often.

What I can't find is the actual OBC theme music. I remember reading once that it was on a long out of print album and hard to come by, but most of these albums are out of print in a physical sense. It's only a short section of music, so it might be hidden in a longer track.

The only thing holding me back is the cost - there's four albums out there and it'll set me back about $40 to buy the whole lot. To be honest, this is music I'd prefer buying because I'll listen to it a lot (I used to draw to it when the movies on OBC sucked that night and I'd love to draw to it again) and because it's by a relatively local, non-mainstream group. It's just a big investment.


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