Apr. 28th, 2009

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Okay, since I know there's at least 3 fangirls into Red Dwarf at the moment who might read this and could help me go TTPCTS and all...

What type of material is a light-bee made out of? I can't find solid references beyond "metallic". I want to know if it would be considered magnetic. I don't think it would be, because it's a tiny computer in a heavy industry vessel. Too much potential for chaos there.

I need to explain it in the context of this for a round robin I'm in:

We're discussing how something that is more or less invisible in canon can be leveled somewhat for use in the RR. Otherwise, the character I'm playing is going to be a terminator, which nixes any risk. As I commented somewhere else in that thread, I'm forcing tech from three different series into one character.

For reference, Rimmer can only pull information from series V at the latest (although I gave Nance hard-light for the purpose of this RR because I'm a dick). Trek canon would be Mirror universe circa 2240s/2250s.
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The last Question Arc Umineko Motion Graphic was finally posted online. It was officially released over the weekend. It was a VERY painful wait after the posted preview.

As other fans noted, they didn't spoil the BIG DAMN PLOTTWIST that happened "after the credits". Which is sad, because it would mean one of my favourite characters would appear and they haven't yet. Still, nice to see Bern in full colour.

Of a silly note to anyone in the Werewolf game, the little girl who shows up carrying a stuffed animal and the black dress with red bows, Maria, was the original inspiration for my Werewolf character. :P


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