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A run at a local Sobeys resulted in NO new Tim Tams. Aw well. I have plenty as is. Also have someone in my guild up for trading Tim Tams for American goodies. :D

To discuss things that I have been forgetting to, I was in Hamilton this past weekend. Most of that time was spent on geeky things.

I'm my brother's hero, although I already knew that. He waited for me to come in Friday night and we watched Slayers Next until he passed out at 3am. We finished the rest of Next the next morning and he made me promise to bring over Slayers Try the next time I visited. I'm going to look into the movies as well.

Now, this is the first time I've watched through Next. It's decent and not as episodic as the first series was and I had a good time watching it. It does gun a bit lower than I usually roll with anime now in terms of demographics, but it's decent fantasy-comedy even if strays from my normal mystery/suspense fare. I had finished off the novels up until the end of Next as well, so it was neat to see it played out in animated form. That said: man, the anime plays up the pairings.

I also tossed a couple of episodes of Red Dwarf at Spence as well. Blame Steff for that, since that's what I do. He seems to like it when the comedy edges to the more physical end. We watched The End for the set-up, then Backwards (which we watched several times - "Let's watch Backwards again! That was awesome!"), Polymorph (which I was iffy on because of the more adult humour in it, but Spence didn't seem bothered) and Justice (for the epic showdown at the end). So, it's on me to find the more appealing episodes for him now. I'm kinda sad that we don't share the same enjoyment of verbal comedy that I had at his age, but I was a bit of a freak at his age.

And finally, I bashed my knee in on Sunday morning, on the inside of my bad knee too. The family bathtub is stupidly deep and on the outside of it, the edge is above my knees. I'm a short person, so I have to toss myself in.

Yeah, well, I slipped. OW. It's bruised up pretty bad, but should be better for vacation. I hope.

I think I'm going to read more of Umineko again tonight. I had read the comic adaptation of it before and original game? Drags a bit at the opening. Part of the problem is that the urgency of the events requires knowledge of the stock market to make sense, so the adult characters go into a long-winded financial discussion. Draaaaaaaag. The ending of that was decent, though, but the comic compressed the whole conversation into a handful of pages.

Things seem to pick up with the cousins, though. Which I guess it should, given they're the main characters. At the moment, I still prefer Higurashi BY FAR, if only because it works more with the angle of replacement families (the family made of the people you choose) and the strengths and weaknesses of friendship.

Date: 2009-05-05 08:39 pm (UTC)
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Also have someone in my guild up for trading Tim Tams for American goodies. Reminds me of our Aussie girlfriend Katie. Man I miss playing with her. My favourite healer, hands down.



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