Date: 2009-03-20 01:54 pm (UTC)
I think with that third scene that Zack was trying to push buttons and limits the way that Alan and Dave did in the comic back in the 80s. It still wasn't pornographic, but it was visceral and taken to a point where very few Hollywood films have dared to go. As uncomfortable as that may have been for many people, I think the entire sequence would have lost its teeth if they hadn't made it as sweaty and angsty and drawn out as it had been. It wasn't tender and sweet, and it wasn't cleverly faded away from before the point of how messed up these two really were was made.

I think the LGBT stuff was handled about as well as it could be. I personally felt that the credit sequence and Rorschach's rundown of the deaths on his way to the research base were a bit awkward, but sadly necessary.

Still, I don't think Zack made a misstep there, because my wife had never read the graphic novel, and she was able to follow the plot. I'd have preferred the squid plot, though. The film is a bit too earnest at times, and lacks the gonzo SCI-FI!-ness of Veidt's original plan. I dearly wish that they would put that back in for the DVD. Doc Manhattan was leaving anyway, so that was convenient, but frankly, it leaves the country with a 'real' reason to hate costumed heroes, which muddies what Dan and Laurie get up to after the story is over.

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