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Spring is starting to come into full force! How can you tell? The tour buses are starting to come back in their warm weather numbers.

Because work is located at the foot of Yonge Street, most tour buses will zip by to proudly showcase "The start of the longest street in the world". Which it's actually not for stat's sake but we like to claim it anyway.

And I shouldn't say "zip" rather than "slowly pass by as the guide announces local facts".

I saw a Grey Line double decker today. They run year-round on some routes but are more regular in the summer months. There's also the Hippos, which will be returning in May (they don't come down to the foot of Yonge, although I pass them on the way down from the subway), and a these odd little buses that seem to be themed to streetcars, which is silly given that Toronto has working street cars.

In fandom news, there's a new Higurashi figure set coming out but... I really don't know. If you're not a fan, it's easy to get the wrong impression here..

Little girls is nighties! AHHH! The outfits are more sundresses, really and based on a scene from the last arc where the two appear in a surreal scene where they're forcing the timeline into the most ideal one possible by assuring that one character moves to the village. They win over the character's father by being an example of how peaceful and innocent the village is. Despite that it isn't. Oh well.

To be honest? Hanyuu, the one in the pink outfit, is really, really cute here and she's one of my favourite characters in the show, so there's a high factor of "Must get!". The figures are based on a garage kit from last year and the poses are dead on to how the characters are at this point in the plot: Hanyuu is the optimist while Rika is vaguely distant. The only issue? THEY'RE LITTLE KIDS IN WHAT LOOKS LIKE NIGHTIES! It's sweet when you know the context, but without it there's a certain creep out factor if you don't!

Despite that they're not actually little girls, Rika is over at least 100 years old and Hanyuu is an ancient god. Cutest ancient god ever, amirite?
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