Date: 2009-03-20 11:15 am (UTC)
Just remember that there's going to be an extended edition that has about 40 minutes of extra footage edited back into the film plus the Tales of the Black Frieghter. So the movie will be about 3.5 hours long, give or take. They actually have filmed all of the cut scenes with the newspaper/comic guys.

Also, after seeing it for a second time, I'm 100% certain that they have shot the scene where Nite Owl strangles the knot-top guy in the bar, asking what happened to Hollis. Plus, there's also a song on the score called "Who Killed Hollis Mason?" ^^ The way that they cut the scene, there's a part where Nite Owl actually looks at a knot-top guy and it cuts without showing them leaving.

The first sex scene was still funny in the epic fail sense. XD But yeah, it would have been funnier with the Veidt on TV. I guess they felt that they could leave it out... which is a little weird since they've been really good at putting a lot of subtle stuff into the film. I actually liked the third sex scene. I laughed because of the song, but I didn't think it was weird or awkward. I'm glad they kept it in. I don't think it was meant to be an attempt at comedy at all.

I also like the fight scenes, because it's nice to actually see all the characters kicking ass. XD

I'm kind of interested in a couple things you mention, like the Architects of Fear. I've still yet to go back and read all of the backstory notes for each chapter and stuff. :O But I liked the ending too. The only thing I don't like about it is that it forces Dr. Manhattan to leave; he could never come back. Makes me a little sad to think that Laurie, Dan and Adrian will never get to see him again, but that's just me thinking too much about what would happen after the story's over. I also like that Laurie and Dan didn't get those horrid hair cuts and change their names. -_-; I thought that part was kind of lame, though understandable considering the police found out who Dan was in the comics.

All in all, I think I love the movie because it brings the characters to life. I have nothing against the art in the comic, but just seeing them as real people is.. I dunno, just really cool. XD Plus the color palettes and the soundtrack are just so awesome. *_*
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