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I uploaded an episode late last night, but totally forgot to post that I have uploaded it. It looks like fandorks over on YouTube discovered it last night, looking at the hits, but I didn't post it for you people over here.

From the episode guide:


Commander Rick's guests include SF reviewer John Clute, Kristine Kathryn Rusch (editor, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction), and speculative fiction writers Pat Cadigan (Synners), Esther Friesner (Harpy High), Mercedes Lackey (Bardic Voices), Robert Holdstock (The Bone Forest), and Gwyneth Jones, who writes young adult fiction as Ann Halam. With award-winning YA authors Jane Yolen (Wizard's Hall), and Canada's own Monica Hughes (Crisis on Conshelf Ten)

The bit before the opening is one of the most clearly remembered scenes in the series, judging from discussions I've had with other fans. And yes, it's really funny in a dorky way.

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