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Okay, so cranky people of the internet can be aware: I SAW WATCHMEN. This now validates all of the opinions I've held. Interestingly enough, the big ones didn't change

I enjoyed Watchmen. It isn't a perfect movie and it's hard for me to judge if I'm a good point of view for discussing a film version, since I've read the comic. I heard it's hard to follow if you haven't read it yet - can anyone confirm that or is it just random people complaining?

Eh, I'll quickly do some point form thoughts under the cut.

- I liked the opening credits, although the effect probably works better on the big screen. It also only really works if you've read the book, since many of the characters are only mentioned in passing.

- WHY is the name "Crimebusters" changed to "Watchmen"? I feel like I'm being treated like an idiot. "Viewers won't know what the title refers to! We need to make it more clear!"

- Ah yes, the gay panic thing. I know some people have talked about there being papers online already about this. I'm very curious and want to read them. There are some points that seem to be comments related to the LGBT community that really serve no purpose except being there. They are references to things from the comic book, but I felt that in the context of the comic they mostly served to flesh out that Rorschach had deep issues with his sexuality.

- Manhattan's penis. From everyone's comments, I was expecting this to be wagging in my face. It was out of scale with the one from the comic, but there was less of it than I was expecting.

- Fight scenes. I think that most of these were just padding or an excuse to make this movie more of a super hero movie.

- Ugh, the rape related stuff. I think that the movie was too light with the emotional fallout from this. There's some attempts at it, but I think fall flat.

- Was I the only person who thought that the Tears for Fears song was funny but might have been a misfire? It's not really anything more than a strange, awkward joke. I laughed, but still.

- I'm greatly amused that the political figures are played to the point of parody. Check out Nixon's nose!

- The guy who played Kissinger especially cracked me up.

- I perfered the comic version of the Blair Roche incident.

- WHY DID THEY CUT VEIDT ON THE TV DURING THAT SEX SCENE? That was the best part of the epic fail! :(

- Third sex scene was awkward. I think that they were attempting comedy that late into the story, because of how dark the movie gets. Like the fight scenes, I think this was padding when none was needed.

- I think the movie drives home the complex relationship between Nite Owl and Rorschach, but I'm undecided on if they're too blunt getting the point across. I picked up on it in the comic, but in the movie, it's more direct. I do think it's one of the more interesting subplots in the book, especially when you mirror Rorschach's fall to the Comedian's fall.

- The ending is passable. I like the squid because the squid is just so over the top and I kinda miss him. And yes, I DID see the Squid monitor.

- There are a lot of subtle details in the film, including some that Laura was picking up for just the first time.

- That said, there are a lot of subplots cut out for time. Some of these make sense, but others, like the fate of Hollis, would clear up some of the main plot. I don't feel that the film is incomplete in the format it's presented in and adding things like the Tales of the Black Freighter would serve only as fan service. Tales of the Black Freighter is neat, but it's tied deeply to the squid plot, which is tossed out completely in the film. Unless the filmmakers can prove outside, I don't think the movie can gain anything from it.

- On a final note, I was amused by the reference to The Architects of Fear. This, again, makes me wonder if a good amount of this film is just intended for fan service. This would explain why WB is cranking about the numbers that the film is getting - they wanted the fanboys to push it forward.

And now that all that is said and done, I please remember that I did enjoy the film. I just think too much.

Date: 2009-03-20 12:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] commanderteddog.livejournal.com
What I'm saying is that I feel that the movie doesn't need the Tales of the Black Freighter parts because of how it's structured. Although, it slipped my mind that it would clear up that Rorschach is the man with the sign.

I missed that part in the bar. I know they filmed it ([livejournal.com profile] pyat mentioned that there's scenes of it in the Japanese trailer) and it's going in the extended edition, but it seems bizarre that they cut it out for the current release when it's a major part of Dan's character arc.

Tears for Fears song was the Everybody Wants to Rule the World bit. I've heard people complain about the music in the last sex scene. That wasn't the part that I felt was awkward. I'm thinking of when Laurie slams the button of the flame thrower at the end.

The Architects of Fear isn't in the backstory notes (I THINK), but it's why an episode of The Outer Limits shows up in comic and the movie. It's such a bizarre little reference.

Well, I don't think Dr. Manhattan would ever come back in the comic version either. I'm under the impression that that's when he more or less became God. Earth was home to far too many emotional entanglements and heartbreak and there was no way for him to live their happily ever again. Also, with the cancer scandal, I think it dawned of him that he was immortal and that he'd be witness to everyone he loved and cared about dying. Hell, he would KNOW when they died.

I liked the comic's ending with Laurie and Dan, because it proved that Dan was a massive fanboy (which, granted, IS mentioned in the movie depending on how you read Sally's comment about the man who writes to her) and there's an odd sidenote with Laurie. A lot of people read her comments about her plans for a new costume as a final acceptance of the Comedian as her father. While she doesn't approve of the actions of him and her mother mostly because it means that her mother is emotionally messed in the head, it's the final push to get Laurie moving out from living in her mother's shadow, taking matters into her own hands and becoming a full person in her own right. Which is another thing that I'm curious if it's in extended edition, because there's one or two lines in the film about it, but it was the heart of her character arc in the comic.


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