Jan. 17th, 2009

teddog: (And the fox is freezing her butt off)
This week has been TERRIBLE.

I'm under the impression that the weather knows who I am and where I live. Ever since I moved Toronto, we've been pounded with terrible weather in the winter. It's been freaking freezing. Walking to work every morning is a special journey.

My office is on the southern side of the downtown. The expressway and train tracks act as buffer - on the south side, it's about 10 degrees colder. We also get the winds from off the lake. This is great during the summer, but awful in the weather. It's so cold down there that the crosswalk buttons have frozen solid.

Now, I don't live on the lake, since I'm deeper inland and near the Don Valley. But the cold is still seeping through my windows, like a never ending battle.

Things are better today, but now we have SNOW. ::sighs::

And because I think that Kate wants me to discuss more girlie stuff, I did check in on the Lush Valentines stuff. No interest at all there, just like last year. However, it is more sweet smelling stuff this year rather than FLORAL, YOU MUST SMELL. I'm on the fence with that. I prefer citrus, herbal and patchouli. Man, I am SUCH a sucker for patchouli now. One of my favourite BPAL scents is Dana O'Shee, but I can't bring myself to wear it in public because it's so sweet. Clean scents > sweet scents.

But yes, for Valentines they brought out the following.

You Wash My Back Soap - This smells like their White Wedding bomb, which smelled like CRAP.
Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar - While I don't really have a use for these properly, they actually work as a decent solid lotion. However, this smells like their Yummy shower gel which, you guessed it, smells like crap, but for far different reasons. It's too sweet.
Happy Valentine's Gift (Soft Coeur, MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment, You Wash My Back) - It all smells too sweet or too floral.
True Love Gift (Vanilla Fountain, Sex Bomb, Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, Honey Trap, Soft Coeur, MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment) - The soap and Vanilla Fountain are okay. The rest are a giant "Pass!"

I'm waiting for Easter. The goodies then are much more interesting.
Finally! Fun and adventure and other amazing things. Pics of the PoG postcard at the end. :D

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