Jan. 15th, 2009

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With the death of Ricardo Montalban, this story got a little over shadowed. That said...

RIP, Number Six

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Yes, I'm looking for winter recipes. I want to change the diet up a bit - blame the current brutal cold snap.

As for what a "winter recipe" is, these are recipes that you can't or won't cook during the summer. Usually the reasons have more to do with what foods are in season (fresh fruits and veggies get pricey here, but root veggies are cheap) and due to the effects that cooking has on the kitchen (I grew up with little AC and a crappy furnace, so we cooked with the weather).

In terms of what I have to cook with, I have a oven, a stove, a rice cooker and a slow cooker. Standard pans and such. No grill or food processer. I also have a microwave, but I rarely use it because I don't have counter space and it weighs a lot.

Oh, and these recipes need to be poultry free due to medical reasons. Otherwise, anything goes - meat, veggie, vegan, from any culture you can think of. I'm an omnivore that LIKES tofu because of the wide range of seasoning you can do to it, if that gives you any idea. I'm especially interested in stews and soups.
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As if I needed any other proof that the 1980s were a much better world...


The original format of the show, not the variety show it became later on. To quote Wiki:

The name "Switchback" referred to the program's original format, which invited young viewers to trade used toys, comic books, and other bric-a-brac. Viewers could either call in or write in with offers, which were written on a board on the studio set or later featured in a free classified-ad-style publication put together by the show and mailed out to viewers who requested it.

How... INNOCENT of a world needs to exist to come up with an idea like that? Today, we'd be wigged out by the potential of exposing out children to strangers, because there's a chance for an adult to abuse that system. Also, even between kids? Huge potential for lawsuits. Let alone the moral discussion that kids are so distant from each other than they need TV to contact each other for the simple act of swapping things.

Granted, this side of the show only lasted one season. But, hey. THIS AD IS COMEDY GOLD. The ad starts at 00:48, but I'm having problems embedding it to start at that time. :(


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